Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy was a serial killer in the USA. Ted Bundy was used to kidnaping and kill the young girls after rapping them. He was active in the late 60s to 70s, wherein a trial he confessed the killing of about 36 murders. His actual victims can be higher than he confessed. Ted Bundy says “We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, and we are everywhere”.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Early Life:

Theodore Robert Bundy was born on (1946-11-24) Burlington Vermont (USA) Died (1989-01-24) Florida state prison, USA. His childhood is very intelligible, fascinating and a perceptive young man. Eleanor Louise Cowell was his (Ted Bundy) mother known as Louise and father were unknown. His grandparents feel guilty about their daughter’s pregnancy due to out of wedlock. In his childhood, he believed his mother to be his sister.

Real Name Theodore Robert Cowell
Nickname Ted, Ladykiller, The Campus Killer
  • Criminal
  • Political campaigner
Political View Ted Bundy also performed virtual activities in the nelson Rockefeller office for political election and during Fletcher’s campaigns.
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.) •Feet & Inches: 6′ 0″

•Centimeters: 182 cm.

•Meters: 1.82 m.

Weight (approx.) •Kilograms: 75 Kg

•Pounds: 165 lbs

Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Radish Brown
Personal Life
Date of Birth November 24, 1946
Place of Birth Burlington Vermont, US
Age 42 Years
Criminal Penalty Death By Electrocution
Nationality American
Hometown Burlington, Vermont, USA
School Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington
College/University •The University of Puget Sound  (1965,1966)

•University of Washington           (1966,1968)

•University of Washington           (1970,1972)

•The University of Utah               (1973,1974)

Educational Qualifications Ted Bundy graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972
First murder In 1969
Family Father–     Johnny Culpepper Bundy (Stepfather)

Mother–    Eleanor Louise Cowell

Siblings–   None

Relatives– •Samuel Cowell (GrandFather)

•Eleanor Cowell (GrandMother)

Religion Christianity
  • 30 Confessed
  • Total Unconfirmed
Wife AndAffairs 
Marital Status  Married
Wife and Girlfriend wife- Carole Ann Boone

GF- Elizabeth “Liz” Kloepfer


Children Rose Bundy

Ted Bundy Grandparents:

In the beginning, Ted Bundy spent three years of his life in Philadelphia home with his maternal grandparents their name was Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, his grandparents raised a voice as their son to avoid the public stigma due to the birth of outside wedlock. Ted Bundy close relations, besties at an early age Ted Bundy also told that his mother was his older sister and his paternal grandparents were his father and mother.

When Ted Bundy turned to 4 his mother Louise changed her surname from Cowell to Nelson and due to the family’s instruction. His grandfather hurt both Ted Bundy and his mother due to his mother wedlock pregnancy. Family insistence she left Philadelphia and son to live in Tacoma, Washington with her cousins.

Ted Bundy Interview:

When biographer takes an interview with Ted Bundy he had different examples of Tacoma. He talked to Michaud and Aynesworth, picking up trash barrels in search of pictures of naked women, described how Ted Bundy wandered into his neighbor. Ted Bundy talked to Michaud and Aynesworth that he wants to be lived alone as a teenager because he was not known about relationships.

Ted Bundy said he did not make a normal friendship. “I don’t know what I wanted to make friends,” he said that he did not know why these social circumstances are. Ted Bundy describes social life in different ways. Ted Bundy told the biographer (Michaud, Aynesworth) that he wants to be solo as a teenager because he had no idea to understand. Study fellows and teachers of Ted Bundy from Woodrow Wilson High School were taught the rule of relationship, therefore Ted Bundy was able to improve himself in social circle.

Ted Bundy Grandmother:

Ted Bundy described his grandmother as a timid and obedient woman who periodically underwent electroconvulsive therapy for depression and feared to leave their house toward the end of her life. Ted Bundy occasionally exhibited disturbing behavior, even at that early age. Julia recalled awakening one day from a nap to find herself surrounded by knives from the Cowell kitchen; her three-year-old nephew was standing by the bed, smiling.

Ted Bundy told to Rule In some of his interviews and emotionally told about his grandparents when he recognized them later met them with respect and hugs them. But later Ted Bundy and his relatives told that Samuel Cowell was a biased person he hates bot interracial and Jews also beat his wife’s dog and also tortured to cats. Once he pushed the Louis younger sister from the stairway. Louise later changed her family name to Nelson.

Ted Bundy’s Stepfather:

When Ted Bundy was six years old Ted’s mother Louis later married a hospital cook Johnny Culpepper Bundy. And then Jani adopted The Ted Bundy. Johnny and Louise had four children whom they raised very well. But Johny wants his adopted son (Ted Bundy) to be involved in camping trips and family activation. But Ted Bundy disagreed with Johnny’s decision which led him to abstain from these activities.

Ted Bundy Views about Johnny:

Ted Bundy has disliked his stepfather and did not respect him. Ted later told his lover Elizabeth Kloepfer that Johnny is not his real father. Ted Bundy also told her that Johnny, not a good man, nor does he have a good job that will allow his family to live better. Occasionally he asked Ted Bundy for the vulgar excitons and turned tortured psychological sickness. When Ted was accused of his crimes then Luis was working as a sectary at Puget University. She refused to believe the allegation for a long time and later changed her sentence.

Samuel Cowell:

In some interviews, Ted Bundy spoke warmly of his grandparents and told Rule that he “identified with,” “respected,” and “clung to” his grandfather. In 1987, however, he and other family members told that maybe the Ted Bundy is the son of Samuel Cowell that was an aggressive, abusive father of Louise’s own.

Tyrannical bully and a bigot who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics, and Jews, beat his wife and the family dog and swung neighborhood cats by their tails. He once threw Louise’s younger sister Julia down a flight of stairs for oversleeping. He sometimes spoke aloud to unseen presences, and at least once flew into a violent rage when the question of Ted Bundy’s paternity was raised.

Ted Bundy In Tacoma:

Ted Bundy spent a lot of time in Tacoma and shared many memories of Tacoma with his biographer. Ted told the biographer Michaud and Aynesworth about his youth. He told me that he spends time in the street without any reason. Ted Bundy said he used to stroll the streets. Ted Bundy also told that he searches for magazines of naked women from the garbage in the streets.

Ted Bundy’s university life:

In 1965 after graduation from high school and next year in 1966 Ted Bundy spent one year in UPS (university of Puget Sound) before moving the Washington University to study Chinese. Ted Bundy involved with his UW class fellow romantically identified in Ted biographies in several pen names, most commonly “Stephanie Brooks”. In 1968 he stocked off from the college and then Ted Bundy has started the low-income jobs.

Ted Bundy’s Other Work:

Ted Bundy also performed virtual activities in the nelson Rockefeller office for political election and during Fletcher’s campaigns, he becomes the driver and security guard of lieutenant garner of Washington State. As a Rockefeller Ted Bundy In august 1968 attends the Republican National Convention in Miami. After Sometime brooks split up from Ted Bundy and moved to her family in California she was not happy because she thought that she would not be described Bundy inexperienced life and lake of desire.

Later, Psychologists who studied Ted Bundy indicate that this breakup plays an important role in his psychological development of Bundy. After that Bundy come back to Washington in September 1969 where he met with Elizabeth Kloepfer. To continuing of colorful life he also continued his education. Although in 1970 Ted Bundy re-registered for subject psychology at the University of Washington with grateful aims. Ted Bundy became a respected student and teachers were appreciate him.

Ted Bundy 1st two series of murder:

There is no unity in biographers about Ted Bundy when and where he starts killings. He said several stories and refused to disclose his earliest crimes, although he admitted several murders in graphic detail the day before his execution. Ted Bundy agreed that he had 36 murders in the 1970s. He said to Nelson that his first try to kidnap a girl in 1969 but he didn’t have any murder till 1971. But according to another story, Ted Bundy told Doctor that he killed 2 women in Atlantic City in 1969.

Ted Bundy took the sympathy of strange travelers he used to in his car and show him as injured or heart patient and people help him in that situation their sympathy was the biggest mistake. In 1974 Ted Bundy kidnaps a whore after rapping her he put a metal rod from the side of his bed he sexually assaulted her with the same rod. She had been unconscious for the next ten days. After that incident, she remains alive but bodily and mentally handicapped.

 Ted Bundy Arrest and Bad Time:

Ted Bundy was only an expert in downhill skating although he performed that activity by fabrication like using stolen equipment and fake lift tickets. When Ted Bundy was in school he was arrested two times with the charges of robbery and auto robbery. At the age of 18, the record of those incidents was removed which were common in Washington.

Ted Bundy enrolled in law school in Utah by the reference of the school professor and Washington governor to get an education in 1974. Ted Bundy was seized by the police the next year. Because police found some instruments like a ski mask, ice pick, and handcuffs that are used for kidnapping and killing. There were women who started to disappear.

In 1975 Ted Bundy was arrested he was a student of law at that time when police found dangerous instruments they relate the kidnapping of Darol Caronch to him. Later, in that case, he was sentenced to 15-year jail. Ted Bundy acted as a lawyer and his case. 2 years later Ted Bundy escaped from jail first time in 1977. He ran from the window but this time he captured 8 days later. In December he again escaped from the jail and went to Florida on January 14, 1978, and start kidnapping.

Ted Bundy as Professional killer:

Although Ted Bundy killed some of his hunts held others alive for days and was continuously raped and strangled. Ted Bundy was pitiless and hardhearted because he treated humans like animals. Ted Bundy spends much time on the killing because he makes some methods to kill anyone that have to consume time. And use some instruments like a ski mask, ice pick, and handcuffs that are used for kidnapping and killing.

Ted Bundy cut the head after the death of women and tortured some kidnapped women to apply makeup and wash their hair before death.in this situation, Ted Bundy frequently skipped the law lectures but his performance in class was not bad.

In December after escaped from the jail and went to Florida on January 14, 1978, and start kidnapping. Ted Bundy kidnaps 4 girls two of them he killed and others were able to escape from his prison. Now Ted Bundy again arrested in Florida and again he saves himself as a lawyer. But could not prove himself an innocent in this he managed to marry his girlfriend. But in Florida’s case, he proved as a murderer and sentenced to death.

Ted Bundy Trial:

Ted Bundy had read his lawyer, he knew a lot about the thesis. Although within a short time Bundy became a famous personality during the trial due to good style, talking, good-looking and well knowledge. So Bundy fought his case to save his life but Ted Bundy had no experience. As a result, he lost the case and he was sentenced to death. And he continued to appeal to avoid the death penalty. Bundy refused to apologize and pleaded with Florida prosecutors as a result, instead of the death sentence sentenced to life imprisonment.

You could say that Ted Bundy’s bad time had begun. In 1979 Ted Bundy was sentenced to death for murdering the two Chi Omega at FSU. The judge who sentenced Bundy to death commented in court that you make a good lawyer and I am happy to see the youngster learning, passion, and practice in front of me are good. But you have humiliated humanity that I cannot help you. The second time he was sentenced to death.

After that, again in 1980, Ted Bundy was sentenced to death in the murder of Kimberly Leach. Although, telling about unsolved murders and his appeals was delayed by his sentence. But he could not do anything to save his life and time passed and eventually on January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was put to death by electric chair.

Ted Bundy love story:

Ted Bundy met Elizabeth Kloepfer and in a relationship with her. Their relationship continues for 6 years. That woman was the mother of a young daughter and she used to drink. She was always in a suspense about Ted Bundy’s daily activities he always has sword type instruments with him that he used for killing. She told to police about Bundy’s behavior but the police didn’t agree with her statement. The relationship broke up when Ted Bundy had shifted to Olympia.

Ted Bundy Marriage:

When Ted Bundy arrested in Florida he takes the benefit of Florida’s law showed himself as a married person during court proceedings. Carole Ann Boone was his co-worker in Washington. She witnessed and they confessed in the courtroom in a legally married. He was ordered to be hung for the third time. But his (Ted Bundy) death late up to 9 years due to his appeals in the court. Prisoners of the jail gave money to illegally meet with the females. His daughter was also born in October 1980. His daughter was also named Bundy. In 1986 Ted Bundy’s wife takes a divorce from him.

Ted Bundy in Florida:

Ted Bundy starting his journey by train from Chicago to Ann Arbor, Michigan. There he was staying at a local hotel on January 2, where he spent some time. On January 7, he robbed a vehicle from a nearby hotel and drove to Atlanta, and then he reached Tallahassee on January 8, by the bus. Ted Bundy rented a room nearby the Florida state university by reference of alias Chris Hagen. Bundy wants to live an independent life, that life which is out of fear and no police involvement.

Therefore Ted Bundy decided to get an initial job legally and also contemplate to avoid the jailbird. Soon he got a job according to his expectation in Construction Company. But soon Ted Bundy left the job when they asked to submit his identification.

Kidnapping career:

After Leave the job Ted Bundy restart the robbery and kidnapping. He kidnapped the women and stealing shopping cards, credit cards. After that, he raped the women’s and later killed them. Later Ted Bundy arrived in FSU at the sorority house in Tallahassee on the starting of January 15, 1978.

Ted Bundy entered through an old version security machine that is not working properly. And then he burned a young lady Margaret Bowman that is 21 years old, with the help of woods.

Later Ted Bundy tied her with the nylon tightly. Due to lake of social awareness Ted Bundy’s sympathy for humanity was lost. At that time Bundy looked like a horrible animal his sense of hummer was fully dried. After killing Margaret Bowman he killed and raped the Lisa Levy 20-year-old innocent lady in his room. At first, Ted Bundy anesthetized her.

And then Ted Bundy beat her badly and tortured her. And also abused it. He scratched her body as the beasts swallow the flesh. After that Bundy tortured the other two girls named Kellner and Chandler in the adjoining room. Ted Bundy raped them and beat her badly and also broke her jaw. But both Kellner and Chandler escaped his murder intentions. Later both the lady called the mobile light the reason for his save life.

This light was falling on the attacker as if someone was focusing on him due to which Ted Bundy left. Later, residents said that these four incidents took place in about 15 to 20 minutes. Bundy was very quick in his evil deeds because he carried along with him the instruments relates to the kidnapping and killing. After leaving his room, Ted Bundy entered a basement after the 8th block and attacked Cheryl Thomas a student of FSU. He broke her jaw. He struck an iron rod on her head, causing her to lose her mental balance permanently.

Ted Bundy Victims:

Ted Bundy was a serial killer in the USA. He was used to kidnaping and kill the young girls after rapping them. He was active in the late 60s to 70s were in a trial he confessed to the killing of about 36 murders. Ted Bundy’s actual victims can be higher than he confessed. There are some of Bundy’s victims mentioned.


Ted Bundy & Karen Sparks (January 1974):

According to the historian, Karen was the first lady who was sexually assaulted by Ted Bundy on 4 January 1974. She was 18 years old. She was a student at UW. Ted Bundy enters his room while she was sleeping he beat her very badly. Bundy made her abused and he scratched her body as the beasts swallow the flesh. He grabbed her nipples very tightly and pulled it forcefully.

Ted Bundy also put the metal rod into her vagina. He also hit rod on her head, causing him to lose her mental balance and she went into a coma for 10 days. She was the lucky woman to escape Ted Bundy’s murder intention. But Karen Sparks did not come back to her senses she permanently lost her mental balance.

Ted Bundy & Lynda Ann Healey (February 1974):

Lynda Ann Healey was the second victim of Ted Bundy.  She was a 21-year-old young student at UW.  Lynda Ann Healey was a very talented lady she was also given the update news about the weather on the radio. Ted Bundy beat and raped her in February 1974. But when her friends found out she had disappeared from the room within a few days then they inform to police about her disappearance.

Although when police came to her room they found blood on his bad sheet and pillow. But it could not guess whether Lynda Ann Healey was alive or dead and not assume to where she was gone. Some of Healey’s clothes, bag, and a pillow were missing from her room except the gown which was hanging in the closet with a ring with dry blood stains on it.

Ted Bundy & Donna Gail Manson(March 1974):

She was a 19-year-old woman. She was a student at Evergreen State College. She was the third victim of Ted Bundy. She disappeared when she was going to a college concert. Bundy kidnapped her in March 1974. Police search her but she could not find it. But later Bundy told that he was burned her skull in the house of his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer.

Ted Bundy & Susan Elaine Rancourt(April 1974):

Susan was the 4th victim of Ted Bundy. She was an 18-year-old, innocent lady. She had blue eyes and brown hair. She was a student at Central Washington State College. On April 17, 1974, Ted Bundy kidnapped her from outside her college. Before disappearing she put some clothes in a washing machine and went to college where he met with her friends and with one of her friends planned to watch the movie.  Later the police searched her but she did not find them. But later, Ted Bundy admitted in his trial that he was kidnapped the Susan Elaine Rancourt.

Ted Bundy & Roberta Kathleen Parks(May 1974):

Robert was a 21-year-old woman. She was a beautiful and charming girl. She was the first murder of Ted Bundy in Oregon. She was disappeared from her hostel. Later police searched her and her head found in the Taylor Mountain in Washington. Later Ted Bundy Confessed in his trial that he was kidnapped in May 1974. There was a beast on his head. Ted Bundy was raped killing one after another.

Ted Bundy, Brenda Carol Ball and Georgann Hawkins(June 1974):

After the murder of Robert in May 1974 Ted Bundy again committed two murders in June 1974. One of them is on 1st June and the other one is on the 11th of June.  Police gained similar information that there was a man (Ted Bundy) who shows himself as a handicap from the incidents of kidnapping and murders on June 1 and June 11, 1974. A 22-year-old girl Brenda Ball missing from a Tavern south of Seattle. She was chatting with the person. Some people remembered the handicap asking for help to carry out his briefcase. Police investigated and find out the similarity between another missing girl cases. She tried to help a handicapped man who was also asking help to carry his books.

Ted Bundy, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund(July 1974):

In July 1974 Ted Bundy kidnaps two women Janice Ott and Denise Naslund in one day. He kidnaped them from Lake Sammamish this place was near east of Seattle. Witnesses told to police that a man came to the woman to tell his name (Ted Bundy) and said to her that please help him to take his boat to the car. She hesitated once but went there and she found that no boat was present there. Ted Bundy again misleads her that here is my relative’s house. She saw another woman walking with Bundy in that place. Now, the police have some healthy information about Ted Bundy.

Eye Witnesses explain to the person that he has 5’10’’ in height and weighs about 75 kg. They sketch Ted Bundy. Police nominated the Bundy for director of the Seattle crime prevention committee. Even Ted Bundy’s companion informs to police about the sketch that this man is none other than Bundy. But the police did not consider this.

In August 1974 Bundy takes admission as a law student at the University of Utah. Crimes of kidnapping young women were stopped in the Pacific Northwest. But here in university Ted Bundy continued his old crimes.

Ted Bundy & Nancy Wilcox(October 1974):

On October 2 Ted Bundy kidnapped Nancy Wilcox a cheerleader. She went out to buy gum and later eyewitnesses told to police that they saw her in Volkswagen Bug. Rhonda Stapley a girl kidnapped by Ted Bundy on October 11. She was a student of pharmacy in the first year.

Ted Bundy offered her to take a ride while she was waiting for a bus from the university to go back home. Bundy raped her again and again near to a lake. Bundy just turned his side and she ran from there by diving into the water. She hid that incident until 2011 because of the afraid of society. She was one of the alive victims of Ted Bundy. Later she interviewed a generalist and share her story.

Ted Bundy & Rhonda Stapley (11 October 1974):

After the murder of Nancy Wilcox on October 2, 1974, Ted Bundy kidnapped a young lady on 11 October 1974. He kidnapped a very pretty and quiet girl, Rhonda Stapley. She was a very good and innocent student of pharmacy’s first year at the University of Utah. Ted Bundy met her at the bus stop where Rhonda Stapley was waiting for the Bus to go to university. Bundy has a beautiful and luxury car VW (Volkswagen) At that time he asked Rhonda that can he travel with him in the Volkswagen.

Ted Bundy escaped with her in Big Cottonwood valley. He was very smart and clever he did not show mercy for women. Ted Bundy beat the Rhonda hardly and frequently choking and raped her. Rhonda screamed for help but at that time no one to help her. Ted Bundy gave her a chance to save her life, he told Rhonda that she can run away until he looked back at her. At last, she successfully ran away from Big Cottonwood. After that incident, she tried to tell the police she did not.

But she did not tell her story to anyone for 40 years due to out of fear of her infamy. But after 2011 she told her story in an interview, she told me that she was scared of her infamy she told that if she was described her story at that time then people react badly to her. And people’s bad behavior would not allow her to live. She told that she decided to leave this incident of the past in the past and continue a new life with new memories. And that’s why people never knew that something had happened to her.

Ted Bundy, Melissa Ann Smith and Laura Ann Aime (18 October 1974):

Melissa Smith was the modern and stylish lady, her father was a policeman. Melissa made a plan for shopping and huge party conduct with friends at home but she was kidnapped on 18 October 1974. Her father and police department hire a specially trained team for a search of the smith. And later her body was found after 7 days from Lake City Park. Ted Bundy again murders a pretty and teenage woman on 31, October 1974. Ted Bundy kidnaped her on 31, October at night he beat her badly and abused her in a very brutal way. And her family did not know about her missing. 30 days later her dead body was found in the mountain near her city.

Ted Bundy, Carol DaRonch And Debi Kent (8 November 1974):

On November 8, 1974, Ted Bundy tries to kidnap a young lady named Carol DaRonch, but he did not succeed to catch her. She was a very beautiful and quiet girl of 17 years. Ted Bundy was very clever he reached on the front of Fashion Place Mall Murray, Utah as a police officer. He told to Carol that his car was not traveling because of an accident.

Asked to her that can you help me I want to go to the police station. In that condition, Carol agreed to him to go to the police station. Ted Bundy was driving by himself.  But on the way, Carol soon found out about his unclean intentions. Therefore he tries to stop the car but Bundy continuously drives the car. But at that time Carol thought it was better to jump from the car. And in this way, he escaped where and took lift a car then go to the police station. Police searched the Ted Bundy but he could not find it. Although Bundy failed to kidnap her.

Later Ted Bundy Succeeded to kidnap a young woman named Debi Kent. She was a very beautiful and attractive girl. She was 17 years old. She was an intelligent student of high school Utah. In those days sports activities were in progress at school. On the same day, November 18 after the incident of Carol Bundy kidnaped the Debi when she was coming from the school after ending her sports activities. Ted Bundy beat her badly and made her a sexual victim.

After raped Ted Bundy murders her and her parents could not find her. After the murder of Kent police found handcuffs from the parking that resemble Carol which is used to kidnap Carol by Ted Bundy on that day. But the police could not guess that the two culprits were the same. Later Carol DaRonch play an important role in to increase punish of Bundy in 1976. Carol testified in the court of Utah that he was the one who tried to kidnap her. As a result, Ted Bundy was sentenced to a maximum of fifteen (15) years.

Ted Bundy & Caryn Eileen Campbell(12 January 1975):

Ted Bundy was very scared because of his failed attempt to kidnap Carol DaRonch. He faired that the police would not arrest him in an attempt to kidnap the Carol. But police could not reach the real culprit. Ted Bundy stops the rapping, murders, and spree for some days due to the Carol but again he kidnaped a beautiful and smiley face girl named Caryn Campbell on Jan 12, 1975. She was a 23-year-old innocent woman she was staying in a hotel of span with her fiancé.

Her fiancé said to the police that she left him and children’s in the lobby and went to the room and disappeared from there on the midnight of 12 Jan. Campbell’s fiancé also said that he searched Campbell for a lot did not find him.

Ted Bundy & Julie Cunningham (March 1975):

It is human nature that the person who keeps on working gets mastered then whether it’s good or bad. Similarly, the example of Ted Bundy is something that he has fully mastered in his work. He again kidnaped a woman named Julie Cunningham in a local bar.  She was 26 years old. She was an expert ski and also working as a trainer for Colorado ski. Ted Bundy kidnaped Cunningham from the hotel when she went to meet her roommate. Bundy pretended to be lame in front of Cunningham and sought help for a walk. And he asked Cunningham to help him get out of there. And because of this drama, Ted Bundy successfully kidnaped Cunningham.

Ted Bundy & Lynette Culver (6 May 1975):

Ted Bundy killed and raped many women But Lynette Culver was the first young age of a 12-year girl who is killed by Ted Bundy. She is a very innocent and pretty girl. Ted Bundy looks her first time at her school ground. Ted Bundy kidnapped her on May 6, 1975. He raped and killed her. After raped he threw her body into a river.

Movies on Ted Bundy:

Ted Bundy became famous in 1986 different newspapers and books written on him. The first time in 1986 Deliberate Stranger was serial released in 1986 actor Mark Harmon Play the role of Ted Bundy. Another web series released on Bundy’s life in 2019 on famous Netflix Zac Efron Plays the role of Ted Bundy.

Books on Ted Bundy:

There were the numbers of books that were written on Bundy’s life and his crimes. “The Stranger beside Me”, “Ted Bundy the shocking inside story”, “The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy“, Ted Bundy: a conversation with the killer and Defending the devil: My story as Ted Bundy’s Last Lawyer. These were the name of books which were written based on life incidents of Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy Pathology:

During the Ted Bundy’s trial, one of his great-aunts said to the officials that Ted Bundy is not mentally well. She saw suddenly he turned to a different and unrecognizable man. Possibly he has a disease of multiple personality disorder. Ted Bundy was her favorite nephew. When Ted Bundy sentenced to death in Florida his lawyer appeal before the court that Ted Bundy is not a normal person and can’t face trials. His attorney also referred to a Phycologist his name was Dr. Lewis.

But Lewis Checked Bundy’s mental condition Ted Bundy refused any kind of mental disorder and told that he is a normal person. He committed all the crimes with his will. In an interview, Ted Bundy told to a generalist that his lawyers force me to accept that he has a disease of bipolar disorder.

According to another interview which was taken by James Dobson. James was thinking that Ted Bundy is inspired by pornography. This interview was taken just one day before Ted Bundy’s execution. Ted Bundy told me that he didn’t watch any pornography and he only buy 2 or 3 paper magazines in his life. In 2007 university phycologist panel consisting of 73 people declared Ted Bundy as an antisocial personality disorder person.

Ted Bundy Death:

Ted Bundy lived for 42 years. In Florida State Bundy was died on 24 Jan 1989 at 7:13 am due to the electric chair. There was fear among the people due to Ted Bundy’s character. Therefore when Ted Bundy sentenced to death than out of the jail everyone happy with Ted’s death. People had a wonderful joy. There were fireworks everywhere near the jail.


Outside the prison, people were thinking as if they had gotten rid of a lot of trouble. That’s why fireworks were stopped. Ted Bundy’s body was burned in Gainesville and there was no public gathering about this. Ted Bundy advised the jailer to spread the ashes of his body in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State before the death where he spent some days when Ted Bundy killed four innocent ladies.

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