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Zachary David Alexander Efron is also known as Zac Efron born on October 18, 1987. Zachary David Alexander Efron is a well-known and worldwide reputed actor and singer, he belongs to America. Zac Efron started his career in the early part of the 20th century and till the late 20th century, he became a well-known personality.

Zac Efron took the initiative of his successful career from the role of Troy Bolton in High School. During this Span, he also initialized his career as a musician with a music film named Hairspray in 2007. Then in 2009 acted in a comedy film named 17 Again. And since then Zac Efron groomed day by day and made many successful films and music series including New Year’s Eve, The lucky ones, the paper Boy, Neighbours, Dirty Grandpa, Baywatch, Greatest Showman, and many others.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron

ZAC EFRON Early Life:      

Zac Efron born in San Luis Obispo, California. And after that, he shifted to ARROYO GRANDE. His father named David Efron is an electrical engineer in a power station and his mother named Setaria Baskett. His mother works on a power plant as a secretary and Zac Efron has a boy Sibling named Daylan. Zac Efron spent an ordinary childhood being a middle-class family he spent his early part of his life. His name Zac Efron is a Jewish name and Zac Efron described himself as a Jewish his surname has an association with a biblical place name and he was brought up in an antagonistic family and he was not a practical religious in his early life.

Zac Efron school life:

Zac Efron said it forcefully and with a huge zeal that why not he will pick up a grade instead of B, Zac Efron was much conscious about class and rank. Zac Efron emphasized to get top of the rank in each and every field of life, whatever it is, study or career, he was anxious and ambitious to get on distinctive rank. These were the emotions and causes which made him do something in life, later in his career, these things made him a bit superlative person and superior too many of the same career line.

Real Name Zachary David Alexander Efron
Nickname Zefron
  • Actor
  • singer
Political View He’s never come out and professed his political views except to talk about the importance of voting
Political Journey •Zac Efron was silent in the political activities, there was no interset in politics
•Therefore Zac Efron never expressed his wish to whom he would vote or support
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.) In centimeters- 173 cm
In meters- 1.73 m
Weight (approx.) •About 155-160 pounds

•But for Baywatch, I would estimate that Zac Efron is about 5-10 pounds heavier putting him at 165-170 pounds.

Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Personal Life
Date of Birth October 18, 1987
Place of Birth San Luis Obispo, California
Age 32 Years
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Libra
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California, US
School Arroyo Grande High School
College/ University Arroyo Grande High School, University of Southern California
Educational Qualifications Graduation
Debut His debut in 2006 as the singing basketball captain in the Disney Channel original movie “High School Musical.
Family Father– David Efron, is an electrical engineer at a power station

Mother–  Starla Baskett, is a secretary who worked at the same power plant

Brother– Dylan
Sisters– N/A

Religion Agnostic
Major Controversies
  • In March 2014, when Zac Efron was in skid row, he was engaged in a fight with a homeless man. The Police officials did not find anyone guilty so no arrests were made.
  • Zac Efron required treatment at the start of 2013 after fighting with alcoholism and drug abuse. He remained sober till June 2013.
  • In 2013 November after having an accidental fall at his own place, he had to get his jaw wired as it was broken in the fall at his home.
Affairs and More
Marital Status  Unmarried
Affairs and dating with girlfriend Their relationship was never confirmed

  • Zac Efron started dating Vanessa Hudgens (2005-2010)
  • Lily Collins (2012-2013)
  • Halston Sage (2014)
  • Zac Efron started dating model Sami Miro in (2014-2016)
  • Alexandra Daddario (2017)
Children  N/A

Zac Efron professional startup:

When Zac Efron was at the age of 11 years then he started his acting career and for this cause, his father motivated him a lot and played a supporting role to build his son’s career. Zac Efron was first known in a theater play named American Melodrama and at that time he was attending his high school and then he realized that he got some skills regarding singing as well as acting. Zac Efron started to consider himself as a singer as well as an actor in the future, then to polish his skills he started taking lessons regarding singing from some institute and then he was a shining star of many musical events and shows. Zac Efron earned so much name and fame in the industry through his magical voice and also through his acting skills which made him an artist.


After that Zac Efron decided to go through some agents and agencies to reach the top of the career graph. Then Zac Efron was admitted to some agencies initially where he had interaction with some agents and later he was owned by a creative artist agency. Where he practically got established and the world knew him as a successful artist.

As Zac Efron was moving up in his career he did not let his studies be affected by his career struggle rather he continued his studies with the same dedication and devotion as he was making efforts for his career as an artist. Zac Efron completed his graduation in 2006 from Arroyo Grande High School and after that, he made some efforts to be enrolled in the university but due to some issues, he was not enrolled and somehow he kept trying to get enrolled in the university of central California. He also spent some time at some arts societies and academies which were conducted to polish and brighten the skills regarding artists and also some time was spent at the community college of Santa Maria by Zac Efron during the spam of 2000 and 2001.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Zac Efron Career:

Early Career (2002–2006):

IN his early spam of career between years 2002-2006, in 2000 Zac Efron started his career practically by introducing himself as side roe in television series like ER, Firefly, The Guardian. These were the platforms where Zac Efron was known as a professional artist and after that, he began to appear repeatedly in WB Series and his reputation started to be built and got improved with the passage of time and later the world knew him as a great artist. In 2004 he appeared in Summerland and 2005 he was hired as the main cast and after that, he was signed in different films including Life Time, Miracle Run for these performances he got nominated for Young Artist Award. It was a humungous achievement for him.

High School Musical and step forward (2006-2009):

In the sixth year of the 21st century, Zac Efron’s career got on a new track he steered his career to a new road by signing a telefilm named as High School which was released in later part of 2006 and this film was premiered on Disney channel. This film was a reflection of Romeo and Juliet’s love story but with the alteration according to fashion and demand of the modern era. In short, it can be asserted that the film was a modern image of roles as Romeo and Juliet.

A special thing about that particular film was this Zac Efron played a role of a young man who was an excellent player of basketball and also was too good at singing and finds himself in comfort zone while participating and performing in musical events and concerts, as it can be asserted that film was shoeing how a good player was a good artist at same time and was comfortable with switching his field.

The fame of High School Musical film:

The music that was played behind the scenes in the film that was quadruple by RIAA that was high-class platinum and this feature of the film made it be the most successful film of that span of time and also was sold in huge numbers in the USA that year. It gave Zac Efron a new name which was brightened and proved to be a lamp that was making his upcoming career brighter. After this he followed up with a successful comedy film named 17Again in 2009 basically that was the biographic history of 37 years old person who has turned into his 17 year age again into his self and Zac Efron got a chance in that film as the main role.

Zac Efron other works (2009-2014):

In 2012 Zac Efron was cast in a TV periodic drama Richard Linklater’s Me and Orson Welles, which was highly appreciated and even nominated in Toronto International film festival that was released in later part of 2009. That film was appreciated by even critics and that was effectively and positively responded. After that, he played a key role in a supernatural drama titled Charlie St Cloud that drama got a mixed-up response from viewers like some of them really liked that and most of them gave a negative response after all that was a mixed or a bit neutral response.

Liberal Alerts (2012):

After that Zac Efron was cast in Garry Marshal’ S New Year’s Eve that was released in 2011. Which portrayed a series of holiday monographs of different groups of characters. The film acknowledged almost solidly negative reviews from critics, but with the passage of time became a major success at the box office and got fame.

In 2012 a film was released named as Liberal Alerts that was quite successful and got millions of fans and worldwide acknowledged film that was, In that most successful film of that box office Zac Efron was cast as a supporting role, that film was premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was released In later part of that year 2012.

The film acknowledged mixed to negative reviews from critics and also got appreciation from fans. Critics were to be faced by this film and overall it got a moderate response in the box office. In 2012 a computer-animated film was released that was admitted as one of the most successful films of that year in the box office and it got huge fame among the fans. The special thing regarding Zac Efron in that film was that his voice was landed commercially the first time for such kind of film.

“The Lucky One” (Novel):

After the success of that film, a novel based romantic film was released in 2012 named as The Lucky One, and Zac Efron was the main leading role in that film and made success in that film, The Lucky One was based on a novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. This film faced many critics by people and writers and filmmakers but many people and the public appreciated it too.

“Parkland” (Drama):

After that he started a drama At Any Price and that was premiered in 2012 Venice International Film Festival and after that, Zac Efron was cast in a historical drama titled Parkland and that was presented in the 2013 Venice International Film Festival. Both the films got assorted appraisals from critics.

“Awkward moment”:

Zac Efron was seen in a comedy named as an Awkward moment, this film was commodious in its nature and Zac Efron was the main actor in that film and it was revealed for public on cinema screens in 2014 as three bachelors in New York City, these were the films that added a significant factor to his fame and reputation not only as an artist but also an executive producer and managerial roles regarding film industry, these qualities and experiences became the trademark for his (Zac Efron) career in later part of his career and will lighten till rest of his career, he got a moderate commercial success despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics.

2014–present: Commercial success:

After 2013 Zac Efron decided to give a new gateway to his career so that is why he entered some different sort of showbiz to enhance his goodwill and strengthen his reputation in a huge world of showbiz. Zac Efron moved towards some awkward type of comedy, Zac Efron was seen in adult comedy and his first adult comedy was Neighbors. In that film, the whole story revolved around a young couple who were taking summersaults to take care of their baby girl consciously and nicely that was not an easy task because they were living with a neighbor who was a member of the wild guild. That film attained huge fame and got great applause from the viewers. It added humungous goodwill to his reputation and made hi, a successful artist. After that, Zac Efron was seen in Disney kid.

Zac Efron trouble in 2015:

In 2015 Zac Efron was struggling regarding his career and he was not having a great time in respect of career. He could release only one film in that particular spam and Zac Efron was unable to do anything further and his only released film of that particular year was a film having a story revolving around a person who was a DJ in regard of profession and he was not having any great time there and Zac Efron was struggling for his bright career.

“Dirty Grandpa”:

After that Zac Efron was cast in Dirty Grandpa in that film it was displayed that how a grandson spoils the reputation of his grandfather. That film was not highly appreciated and got many negative responses from the public. But after some time the public opinion changed and Zac Efron got some success regarding that particular film.

TV Series with Priyanka:

Zac Efron And Priyanka

After 2016, in the next year, Zac Efron was seen in Baywatch, it was also a changed act for Zac Efron. That film was, in fact, a comedy having a touch of some action it also seemed like a sort of TV series and it was. Because it was a TV series in fact originally. A special thing about this film was that share from Bollywood, it had Bollywood touch because Priyanka was cast in this film and that’s why it was highly appreciated in India. In same year Zac Efron was also hired in the disaster artist that was also some sort of comedy display Disaster Artist.

Recently in 2019, Zac Efron has played a drug-associated film that was named the Beach Bum and meanwhile his competitor star was also cast in some sort of display named Ted Bunny and he was acting as a Villon who was a killer. That film was seen on the cinema screen by 3 May.

Future Projects:

In near future Zac Efron will be seen along his brother that play will be named as Kill the Efron’s and a couple will be sent to the distant parts of the world. Zac Efron’s brother’s name is Quibi Efron and that film will be released in 2020 April, which is expected as per plan.

Zac Efron personal life:

In 2007 it was stated in people magazine that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were engaged in a relationship in 2005 during the filming of High School Musical, it was also stated in US magazine that after they broke-up during 2010 December they met again in the making of High School Musical flick, and almost after 2 years they became a romantic model. Zac Efron started a relationship with a star and an entrepreneur, Sami Miro, in September 2014 and later they had a break-up in 2016 April.

Net Worth:

Zac Efron was on the Forbes Star 100 list in 2008 at number 92, with probable earnings of $5.8 million from June 2007 till June 2008. In April 2009, his (Zac Efron) private wealth was about $10 million. His net worth was about $18 million In May 2015.

Treatment at the start of 2013:

Zac Efron required treatment at the start of 2013 after fighting with alcoholism and drug abuse. He remained sober till June 2013. In 2013 November after having an accidental fall at his own place, he had to get his jaw wired as it was broken in the fall at his home. In March 2014, when Zac Efron was in skid row, he was engaged in a fight with a homeless man. The Police officials did not find anyone guilty so no arrests were made.

Later in 2010 Zac Efron start his own production under the inspection of Warner Bros.

Zac Efron company:

Warner Bros is a very famous company that is very helpful for the Zac Efron because many Zac Efron movies and films are ranked by his company like Wicked, Shocking Evil and vile (On Ted Bundy), etc.

Dylan was the Brother of Zac Efron he said that his company started the digital work also with films in 2010. In March 2019 Zac Efron made an announcement about his YouTube channel. Two weekly series was uploaded on this video sharing platform.

Zac Efron channel:

Zac Efron and his brother participated in different recreational activities and trips and they had a video camera to store their experiences. Zac Efron also shared a video “Gym time” and in that he stated that he had plans to train with celebrities and other interesting people about fitness and nutrition. YouTube ratings got disturbed for promoting his channel as public thought in this manner it would become difficult for the struggling creators to breakthrough as Zac Efron’s channel was becoming the mainstream and it was over-covering the other creators.

Transcendental Meditation:

Zac Efron started to transcendental meditation (TM) as he was struggling to leave a role as a serial killer named Ted Bundy from his movie “I really Love TM”. I started TM while I was on my way home. Not while I was driving but all the time I had would be consumed while my ride home so I just stared TM when I was going back home just to get separated from my character.

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